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Biogás Hochreiter is a company that has 25 years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of biogas plants. During this time, it has built and install more than 1500 plant in Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland… and actually, is finishing it firsts projects in Latin America and other emerging markets.
The accumulated experience indicates that feeding a biogas plant can vary substantially over the years, due to changes in regulations, changes in the markets ... for this reason, the main feature of our plants is its sheer versatility, and plants that we have built can be fed with cattle manure, silage, other energy crops, MSW, organic sludge, slaughterhouse waste and a variety of organic waste. The plants that we are building faithfully follow the rule that should be able to change or modify their diet in order to ensure profitable production beyond any changes in regulations or in the client's ability to generate the materials to be treated. The best guarantee we can offer our new customers is that many of the first plants we built are still active and they have successfully adapted to new substrates.

Many other comparative advantages of Hochreiter system are:

  • Our plants typically have a raw materials processing volume higher higher than the market average. The advantages are greater versatility and capacity to adapt to new substrates. And also optimize the residence time and, therefore, the energy of the raw material treated.
  • Our digesters are built with concrete ceiling , which makes them susceptible to be buried and allow much more simple, cheap and efficient maintenance.
  • The stationary mixer that we offer does not require any type of screw auger for solid transport , because it pours the material directly to the top of the digester and it only needs a screw that feeds the material into the digester.
  • All the provided lines are made of stainless steel .
  • A part of the supplied shakers are horizontal , much more efficient and with less energy consumption than others.
  • The electrical consumption of a plant Hochreiter is between 3% and 5% of the production, below the market average.
  • The cogeneration engines, pumps and control elements are located in a labour building, which facilitates the maintenance and the operation and is prepared for the possible extensions.
  • All of the digesters/deposits departments are interconnected with a single pump , so is possible to move the substrate in any of its phases to the section that is most convenient. Anyway, the daily exchange of streams is mechanical , with the consequent energy-saving.
  • All parts are removable stopping production. In plants whose digesters are fully covered by canvas, any repairs or maintenance that need agitators, necessarily involves opening of the canvas and the loss of all the accumulated gas. That means the restart of the digestion process, stopping for long periods.
  • We guarantee a production of 8,000 hours per year , but the average production of plants already built is around 8,300 hours/year
  • “Our plants are fully prepared for possible extensions , either with the addition of a new engine or with the construction of new digesters.”
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