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DEPUROXI is a company dedicated to research, design and development of technologic products, giving up technologic solutions to effluents and discharge purification, as well as equipment sale and machinery for effluent treatment.
The services that DEPROXI offers are:

  • Detailed studies on companies and effluent discharge treatments.
  • Equipment and machinery sales for discharge treatment.
  • Equipment maintanance service.


  • Technology:
  • Multiple treatment for contaminants.
  • The integral equipment requires little space
  • It is a totally modular system, which allows an easy adaptation to changing production requirements.
  • Produces 90% less sludge in comparison with the traditional physicochemical treatment and are easy to filter.
  • The discharge cleaning process is promoted by the conductivity and salts without increasing it, declining in the treated water.
  • Tends to carry the treated water to a near neutral pH.
  • Generates inert and sanitized sludge, being suitable for composting
  • Operating costs are 50-60% lower compared to traditional physicochemical treatment.


The components of the human team credited a long career in the field of environmental technologies, especially in technical solutions for wastewater treatment and revaluation of organic waste. This team has a broad knowledge of the environmental sector and on all of the technological solutions that already exist in the market as well as from the actual needs and demands of the same still to be solved.

The system combines two technologies:

  • Electrocoagulation
  • Advanced catalitic oxidation or electroxidation

Electrocoagulation: It is an electrochemical process in which from compounds derived from the dissolution of an anode (sacrifice anode), which may be aluminum or iron, gathers colloidal matter (that is, capable of being grouped into clots) existing in the wastewater, allowing their separation by conventional techniques.
That is, with the use of flocculants, the suspended matter in the effluent is grouped around the particles of aluminum or iron emerging from the anode through an electric discharge. The resulting liquid contains very little suspended matter and is ready to be treated in the electroxidation phase.
Our innovation in this procedure, allows us to reach solid amounts of below 10 ppm and turbidity level less than 10 UT.

Advanced catalitic oxidation or electroxidation, it is an electrochemical process that uses electric energy, through not sacrificable special electrodes, obtaining compounds able to oxidise strongly the wastewater.
The oxidation of sewage produces a significant reduction in the BOD and COD its content in metals, oils and greases, NH4, until getting the practice elimination, and leaving the water ready to be poured on to public channel.
The sewage is treated continuously , without any storing. The investment is much less than in biological system, the process is much faster, cheaper and easier to control , by eliminating the use of bacteria in the treatment.

As in electrocoagulation, the process can be started and stopped with immediate results, without feeding it continuously to maintain a minimum activity, contrary to what occurs in biological systems, which must maintain a high level of activity without interruption to ensure the survival of the bacteria.

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